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Supplementary medical indications include sleep disorder; vivid fantasizing; throbbing or burning aches with each other corners out of chest; dark urination; constipation


Supplementary medical indications include sleep disorder; vivid fantasizing; throbbing or burning aches with each other corners out of chest; dark urination; constipation

Additional medical indications include numbness from inside the extremities; limited tendon freedom; lusterless fingernails; excited spirits and feeling outbreaks; wet face; black urination; constipation; low grade fever; restlessness and you will sleep disorder; tidal temperature sensations; evening sweats. The latest tongue generally presents with redness and you may hardly any level; this new pulse can be wiry and you can good, or wiry, okay, and you will quick.

User Flowers: peony (baishao ), lycium fresh fruit (gouqizi ), ligustrum (nuzhenzi ), gelatin (ejiao ), tang-kuei (danggui ), rehmannia (dihuang ), cornus (shanzhuyu ), ho-shou-wu (heshouwu ), turtle cover (biejia ), zizyphus (suanzaoren ), biota (baiziren ).

The liver pinaloveprofiel Flames Glaring ( gan huo shang yan ): top symptoms are pain and distention about direct; dizziness; ringing in the ears otherwise abrupt deafness; yellow deal with; purple, distended, and painful sight; inactive and you may bitter feelings on mouth area; marked impatience and tendency to toss fits away from outrage. The new language usually gift ideas with a red-colored body and a red coating; brand new pulse could be wiry and rapid.

The liver YIN Insufficiency ( gan yin xu ): primary attacks is faintness; blurry sight; dead attention; boring intercostal discomfort; dead lips and throat; temperature feelings inside palms and you may bottoms

Representative Vegetation: gentiana (longdancao ), prunella (xiakucao ), gardenia (zhizi ), chrysanthemum (juhua ), aloe vera (luhui ), antelope horn (lingyangjiao ), bupleurum (chaihu ), ch’ing-hao (qinghao ), moutan (mudanpi ), eriocaulum (gujingcao ), celosia (qingxiangzi ).

Associate Formulas: Gentiana Consolidation ( Longdan Xiegan Tang ); Tang-kuei and you will Aloe Tablet (Danggui Luhui Wan ); Provide the Eco-friendly Tablet ( Xieqing Wan ).

Associate Formulas: Tang-kuei Five Consolidation ( Siwu Tang ); Tonify the liver Decoction ( Bugan Tang ); Connecting Decoction ( Yiguan Jian ) without melia (chuanlianzi ) in addition to peony (baishao )

Edgy UPFLARING Of Liver YANG ( gan yang shang kang ): first periods was dizziness; distention and you may pain about head; ringing ears; redness and heat sensation in the deal with and top element of one’s body. Supplementary medical indications include sleep disorder; vivid thinking; impatience; annoyed temper; heavy lead and you may “white foot” (effortlessly stumbles); weakened and you may aching spine and you can knees; dead mouth and lips. The fresh new language is normally red; the fresh new heart circulation may be wiry and powerful, or wiry, great, and you may rapid.

User Plants: uncaria (gouteng ), haliotis (shijueming ), dragon limbs (longgu ), oyster shell (muli ), gastrodia (tianma ), tribulus (baijili ), silkworm (jiangchan ), peony (baishao ), tortoise shell (guiban ), turtle layer (biejia ), rehmannia (dihuang ).

The liver Cinch STIRRING In ( gan feng nei dong ): priping; seizures; trembling; shaking; dizziness; and you will tingling. This category is sometimes split up into about three subcategories:

  1. Tall Temperature Generating Snap ( re ji sheng feng ): number one periods is actually large temperature, restlessness, hunger, sweaty deal with, yellow eyes, seizures or cramping. Supplementary symptoms include ebony urination; constipation; upwardly became sight; unconsciousness; delirious speak. The language typically gifts which have a red looks and a purple coating; the heart circulation could be wiry and you can fast. User Plant life: rhino horn (xijiao ), antelope horn (lingyangjiao ), ox gallstone (niuhuang ), uncaria (gouteng ), gastrodia (tianma ), anemarrhena (zhimu ), brutal rehmannia (sheng dihuang ), chrysanthemum (juhua ), scute (huangqin ). Affiliate Formulas: Antelope and you may Uncaria Decoction ( Lingyang Gouteng Tang ); Ox Gallstone Pacify the newest Palace Tablet; Bezoar and you will Curcuma Formula (Angong Niuhuang Wan ).
  2. Hyperactive Liver Yang Creating Breeze ( gan yang hua feng ): priping; seizures; numbness from the extremities; paralysis (especially of your hemiplegic form of); slurred address; lips and you may eyes going off to that front side. Additional observable symptoms include sudden death of consciousness otherwise really inspired mental faculties; splitting nightmare; severe dizziness; fatigue or problems when you look at the lower back and knees; lifeless mouth area; wet face. This new tongue is usually bright red; the fresh pulse can be wiry. User Herbs: uncaria (gouteng ), gastrodia (tianma ), achyranthes (niuxi ), hematite (daizheshi), silkworm (jiangchan ), cicada (chantui), centipede (wugong), peony (baishao ), rhino horn (xijiao ), ox gallstone (niuhuang ), antelope horn (lingyangjiao ). User Algorithms: Sedate the liver and you will Extinguish the brand new Cinch Decoction ( Zhengan Xifeng Tang ); Down Energy Decoction ( Jianling Tang ).
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