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Character inside Robbie the fresh Reindeer [ ]


Character inside Robbie the fresh Reindeer [ ]

Appearance [ ]

Kion, Jasiri, Janja, Chungu, Tiifu and you can Zuri together with Zootopian recommendations is actually © Disney Art by capthairball Struck him upwards, he do higher work. Which lineup motivated by my personal tale “Unbounded like”, section “Sisi Ni Sawa”

Robbie Ignacious Hillary are a male reindeer while the chief protagonist of the Robbie The latest Reindeer movies. He or she is the fresh son out of Rudolph and you may an excellent unfamiliar women reindeer, new love attract, after boyfriend and you can eventual husband out of Procurer and latest Head of your own sleigh party.

Hooves Off Flame [ ]

Robbie arrives inside Coldchester during the . As he extends to the brand new reindeer’s home Reindeer Resort, he could be met because of the team’s chief Blitzen just who introduces him to the other reindeer elizabeth.g. Prancer and you will Vixen (who is also Blitzen’s partner) and then he then showcases his nose’s overall performance (recording countries into the an entire world Procurer brings your and now have revealing in which Donner’s posh yogurts (tasty donuts on the Western variation) should be it is revealed Prancer ate them). Later on, Robbie is visible that have Donner who is showing your so you’re able to their room. Whenever questioned by Donner as to the reasons he concerned join the group in the event that he isn’t for the exercise, Robbie replies you to definitely his father sent your so you’re able to reputation build when he is readily sidetracked, which is confirmed real as he grabs eyes away from Vixen and you can falls in love with this lady.

He’s after found in this new reindeer’s fitness center in which Blitzen (who’s obtaining him off the cluster to acquire straight back at Rudolph to own overshadowing him) convinces him to get rid of working out and gives him an excellent cheeseburger, fries, a tube and a papers. Thirty days afterwards Robbie will be seen that have Donner, exactly who really works physio into him, advising the girl in the his fascination with Vixen, much to help you Donner’s dismay as the she by herself has good crush on the Robbie) and claims that he can’t communicate with female however, Procurer states that he can correspond with her that Robbie feedback by the saying that he can getting since they’re mates. An annoyed Procurer after that links Robbie in the tangles and will leave him around. He’s after that viewed looking within Vixen once the Prancer checks out aside an invitation the team need to go to Santa Claus’s team.

He could be afterwards seen in addition to the other reindeer on Santa Claus’s team, in which the guy experiences Vixen which says to him you to definitely she is actually delivered flowers and therefore she understood which they where of your given that they certainly were cheap, prior to walking from for the disgust that have Robbie saying that it had been the latest the currency he’d. Later on from the party Santa merchandise the sleigh that has a music, a speaking ashtray and good GPS (that has been additional of the Blitzen), Robbie up coming believes one to their place on the team is fully gone but Santa assurances him which he gets on team as long as he could be fit along with contour.

After coming back in the team, Robbie can be seen gazing upwards on a decorating from Rudolph. Blitzen after that will come and you may says to Robbie that he gets towards the group anyhow because Santa enjoyed his father, however the sleigh might be sluggish and lots of students not get its gift ideas, however, Robbie will never be attributed, their dad often for having him. Reading that it, Robbie chooses to log off and you can go home, exciting Blitzen.

Later on Robbie is positioned frozen during the ice of the a group of elves incase unfrozen Robbie convinces these to assist your functions in their mind. After neglecting to decorate dolls and you can sweep (and then he made one or two playthings Sebastian MuscleWhale and you may OctoMonkey), Robbie are demoted so you can forklift up to Donner happens and you will informs him from the Blitzen’s genuine motives. Initially Robbie try doubtful when he thinks one to Blitzen was his companion, but alter their brain when he sees him putting sharp stuff on a photograph out of your. Robbie and you may Donner discover educators to rehearse Robbie to the Reindeer Games plus the just one in your neighborhood is Old Jingle, exactly who to start with declines stating that he has got retired, however, change their mind just after reading on the Blitzen, even after never reading regarding him.

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