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We produced transform to your earliest code considering that there have been two-given dactyl alphabets also


We produced transform to your earliest code considering that there have been two-given dactyl alphabets also

We and got rid of the final rule and you may added half a dozen this new laws. In the long run i’ve 10 rules for using dactyl alphabets:

  1. For starters-given alphabets dactilation because of the one-hand (either correct otherwise left that) tends to be recognized;
  2. The dactyls can be established similarly and you may dynamically, gradually and you will smoothly;
  3. In the course of dactilation this new sleeve is curved on the shoulder, new give was at the degree of neck, new hand try off oneself to make sure that both hands and throat was likewise noticeable;
  4. The newest dactiling people talks about your face of one’s communicator;
  5. The fresh orthography of your language is adhere to present requirements. (Instance: the definition of Tbilisi throughout the dative instance (tbiliss – dat) possess a two fold -s in the bottom and so the history dactyl s will be end up being frequent twice);
  6. Pursuing the for each term designed by the dactyls there needs to be an effective pause;
  7. Breaks are going to be off simple length. The latest dactyls can be did certainly, having equivalent small breaks between them, and you can larger rests anywhere between words;
  8. Articulation and you can facial expressions copy will be go with the fresh new dactyls;
  9. When you look at söpö Kuubalainen tytöt the creation of dactyls the best hands movements toward left;
  10. Into the cases when a mistake is established an entire phrase is to end up being constant.

Regarding the Soviet months, indication languages in this area was indeed extremely influenced by new Russian words. Georgia is normal where, of several energetic people in the new deaf society are low-Georgian indigenous speakers and you can inside Soviet months there were no guides about Georgian signal vocabulary. New Russian dictate is not difficult to obtain from the lexical equipment and also in the old Georgian dactyl alphabet, that was entirely according to the Russian you to definitely. Used this means that many deaf some one is also show inside the which “Soviet signal words” and really wants to bare this chance. Although means of nationalization has started throughout the blog post-Soviet part and you may sign languages are reintegrating doing their unique dactyl alphabets and you can offering the scientific reports of their own federal indication languages. And Georgia instance process occur in a number of other previous Soviet republics, such as for instance Ukraine, Byelorussia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, and stuff like that.

Russian dactyl alphabet

The outdated Georgian dactyl alphabet, which the deaf area however uses is in line with the Russian you to features not absolutely all particular characters extra:

Georgian dactyl alphabet (old)

Georgian might have been printed in multiple texts over their records. These alphabets was: Asomtavruli (investment letters), Nuskhuri (or Nuskha-khutsuri) and you will Mkhedruli. Asomtavruli and Nuskhuri are the old alphabets and Mkhedruli ‘s the progressive Georgian alphabet, which is active now. Predicated on sources of this new eleven th 100 years (Leonti Morveli) the first Georgian alphabet was created of the very first Queen away from Caucasian Iberia (referred to as Kartli), Pharnavaz, in the 3 rd 100 years BC. However, the original samples of that alphabet, or the modified adaptation, big date from the cuatro th -5 th years Le. When you look at the many years the fresh alphabet try modernized. The current Georgian alphabet-Mkhedruli keeps 33 emails. The number of music is equivalent to just how many emails: i discover while we create. (Makharoblidze, 2009:3). The new Mkhedruli and you may Asomtavruli alphabets offered a great circumstances for doing a unique Georgian dactyl alphabet.

With the local deaf area i composed a special Georgian dactyl alphabet. In fact here is the earliest Georgian dactyl alphabet. Basic, we developed the theoretic legs and recognized the main principles. This new theoretical foundations was: first, brand new dactyl alphabet must not feel the equivalent off similar dactyls to have various other emails, and you will second, per dactyl should have its book sign because of the fingerspelling;

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